Happy Belated Birthday

When we first started to attend Truth Tabernacle about 12 or so years ago the Pastors Family had three kids. The youngest was Alayna, then there was Gentry Paul that was afraid of Chuckie Cheese, then the oldest boy... Mr. Drew Morton. Before he even talked to me I couldn't stand him... But we soon became good friends and worst enemy's, I always tried to compete with him and always wanted to outdo him. It was always either Drew and I ganging up on poor Gent or Gent n me gangin up on him! He started to grow into a charming but somewhat bossy lil boy, who made slaves out of his lil buddies and went through a cute stage thinking that one day he would be a magician. He was quit the cutie in his younger days and every new girl that attended Truth Tabernacle received his undivided attention........ Yes, I can say now that I was very jealous over "ALL" of his crushes that he had. But we still somehow remained friends.
Over the years this cute little boy grew up into a... well I don't think I can say "handsome" but let's just say nice looking guy :0) He is still a wonderful friend, even through all the years that we disagreed and fought over main parts in plays and always wanted to do the solos Ha Ha.
Drew Morton, I can honestly say that you are a "true friend" I will always cherish our special friendship. You made my younger days interesting and fun, when you weren't my enemy you were my best friend! Thank you for all the laughs throughout the years and the more to come
Love ya


jeff said...

Drew Morton.Your an awesome friend, iam a young man of few words but i think that sums it up, your a funny and good friend!!!

Jeffrey Allen Neufeld

drew said...

Oh the stories I could tell-I have watched you grow from a little brown-eyed bouncy girl (that yes, I did like!) into a true woman of God. You have dedicated your life to the calling God has placed upon you-My very best friend has chosen you to be his soul mate-I couldn't imagine life without you two-Kendrea, I have drawn strength from you over the years-I have the pleasure of working closely with you in our music department-I enjoy your company during those LONG practices-I love you and value the lifetime of memories we will share-Reach for the stars, Kendrea, and you will touch heaven...