Six Flags

Jeffrey, Kevina & I went to Six Flags with the Gontiz Family this past Monday and it was such a blast. I thought I was going to ride all the roller coasters and all, but I somehow only rode 3 rides... and the kiddie ride was the one I felt sick on. It's not that I'm scared of the rides, I just don't like twirly ones and the two coasters I went on where so rough that I was done before I even got started! But Jeffrey amazed me and went on more than I did, and Kevin & Alex made me want to throw up just thinking about it... they went on the new ride Tony Hawk at least four times in a row. It's a roller coaster and there are individual carts that spin on every twist & turn, I couldn't even watch them. But the day was perfect, it was really cold when we first got there & warmed up later in the day, but cool enough to wear a sweater... my kind of weather! I was brave enough to drive the whole way there and I did not get lost or pulled over at all *pat self on back* But I did have a really, really, really bad front seat driver.... really bad. This "person" made me more nervous than driving on unknown roads did, But we did survive without any scratches or filled buckets!!! Here are some pictures and vids from the day to see more click here >>> http://blonathart.piczo.com/?g=39730576&cr=1

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