I can't belive it LIOL has come and gone but it was such an awesome conference that it will not be quickly forgotten! Friday Night we had an awesome service, Bro. Pixler just turned the service over to God and he did great things in Chico, CA. A girl from Red Bluff church received the Holy Ghost and many lives were touched and changed. That night we had a blast hangin out in the fellowship hall and having crazy fun (I was a pro @ that silly cup game :~) Then Saturday Bro. Pixler preached an awesome message..... Time to Grow Up I am sure every single person that attended needed to hear that message including myself.... I can't wait untill we have another L.I.O.L Conf. and can have it longer.... in time!!! I had so many pictures so I just put em' together in a slide show below.... ENJOY!

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Mandy Charmaine said...

Totally enjoyed looking at the pics of the conf! It looks like Bro. Pixler did an awesome job!!