Random True facts that you may not know about me
Thanks Sonia & Holly

~I would put salt on a slug, then feel bad & rinse it off & torture it again~

~I always sing in the shower..... and very loudly ~
~I get car sick very easily~
~I want to have four kids... maybe :~)
~Never broke a bone~
~I don't like chocolate that much~
~I'm a peanut butter addict~
~I try to start a diet every Monday, but forget~
~My brothers & I lived in Foster Homes~
~I have never been in the hospital~
~I used to beat my brother in arm wrestling (not mentioning names *cough, Juan*)~
~I have never gotten a ticket or pulled over~
~I used to sneak in the backyard & ride Alex's power wheel around~
~I tried to collect ants at one time~
~My Aunt & Uncle took my brothers & I in when I was 7 yo~


Kevin Timothy Evans said...

ahem... someone in this website HAS had a ticket! A tocket for parking in the wrong direction on a street!

Kendrea said...

hey that didn't show on my record.... so nope I haven't