IG Snow Trip

Some of us IG peeps and leaders made a trip to visit the snow the last weekend of January. We were planning on going to Mineral but there was absolutely no snow on the huge hill, and it looked kinda small with just dirt and dry grass! So we went a bit further to Mt. Lassan and had a blast on all those hills. It was awesome, we were able to go on any hill or slope we wanted and try to break our necks!!! Here are just a couple of the pictures I took, click on Snow Trip once the page pops up!!!


Kevin Timothy Evans said...

Mrs. Hmm... does herman sound good? Well herman, i was happy to see you too! Yes i did get fatter. I went from this )( to this (). I think thats what you were trying to ask.. :) I gained four whopping pounds! Not that i keep track or anything... I should come down to chico some day (a saturday) and we,(Jeff, you, me, and other retards who want to) can hang out! Well i think im getting boring. Bye
Your blithe, complacent, serene, tranquil, warm, comfortable, content, enchanting, encouraging, exalting, gleeful, grateful, gratifing, helpful, hilarious, hopeful, interested, jolly, jovial, lighthearted, overjoyed, peaceful, pleased, rapturous, spirited, vibrant, alive, cheerful, delighted, ecstatic, elated, energized, excited, exuberant, happy, jubilant, friend,
Kevin Evans

Kendrea said...

Wow now I think I got a headache reading all that... well I didn't really read it, i just kinda looked through to see if there was a word I found that i could pronounce but the only word I found was FRIEND!

Kevin Timothy Evans said...

Hahaha. You didnt read it? I worked hard on that! :)

Cynthia Rankin said...

By the way, the Morton's are so nice. We enjoyed them last year at FPC, North Little Rock.