Thank God...

Well as everyone may know my brother Gabe went to Sac for brain surgery on Friday 1/30/09, They found out three years ago that he had a brain tumor on his Pituitary Gland. He had surgery two years ago, they went in the side of his skull & it was a very painful and hard recovery, but he made it through. Unfortunately they didn't get all of it so they had to go in again, this time they went in under his upper lip & up through his nose (I guess it's closer) and with God's help he pulled through again! Of course he is in a lot of pain but he has barely any swelling and no bruises unlike his previous surgery, everything is going good (surgery wise) but they have to get some things under control before he can come home. The Neurologist is supposed to see him today and give report, so when I hear from them I will give an update.

*Thank You all for your prayers


Kevin Timothy Evans said...

Tell him i said, "I'm so glad he's doing good!" And herlinda, yes we need to keep eachother updated via-bloggering!
Your Friend,
Talk you you later,

Holly Genevieve said...

I can't believe it has been 3 years already! That's crazy