!!!! Wedding Time !!!!

Well..... as everyone may know Truth Church is holding TWO weddings! The Neufeld Wedding is happening Saturday 3/21/2009 and I can't wait. It is going to be soooo gorgeous and I KNOW Megan is doing an awesome job with the decs.... And then we are going to be saying good bye to Felicia Martin *sniff* it also will be a very beautiful but very sad wedding. Mr.Diago Garcia is taking her back to LA with him *whaaaa, sniffle, blow nose, blink and sniff* She is going to be greatly missed, but she is not leaving without having her Wedding at the church on 5/16/2009 So as you can see I am getting geared up for a bunch of tears, hugs and grins in the next couple of days & months. Be sure to check back in a little while for pictures and my view on the exciting days.... which will be nothing but praises of the Beautiful Brides and Handsome Grooms..... and groomsmen *wink*

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Mandy Charmaine said...

*Anxiously* Awaiting pics!! =)