Brides "R" Us

As Pastor says "We have brides shipped out by the dozen here"
Wow, only eight days today (May 7th) until Felicia Martin becomes Felicia Garcia! I am so excited to see her wedding, just sit back and have a good cry. For some odd reason I always cry at weddings, not out loud sobbing - begging it to be stopped, but I do shed a few tears. Tears of joy it's called right? I guess I'm just a big baby! But as I was saying it will be sad but happy day for all of us at Truth Church, Felicia will be greatly missed, but is off to start another chapter in her life! I wish you the best Felice
*Below are a few pictures of Felicia having fun with us Chico Folks... I don't think you will ever find another group like us*

Know no crying aloud, We Love You!!!!!


Kevin Timothy Evans said...

Wow. Is her wedding that close?

Pastor said...

Kendrea, you are soooo good at keeping your web presence up to date and you have the best pictures! You will end up being the TC historian!