It's a girl, a wedding, a nite job, another wedding and well... another job

Okay so if you have absolutely no idea what my little title means let me explain it through this extremely short post! So first and foremost Juan & Crystal Farias are going to have a precious little girl named Lilliana (middle name unknown) Farias!!! Next... When the three of them, Jeff & I went to Vacaville this past weekend to go shopping. We got another piece of the title puzzle out of the way by attending Sarah Rogers Wedding and she looked so beautiful♥ I am now spending my nights 11pm to 7am to be exact mopping, sweeping, dusting and watching over 12 sleeping ladies. I absolutely love that job and adore all those sweet ladies! So... there is another Wedding that is going to take place this weekend! It is the last Bolen wedding ever *sniff* I am so excited and cannot wait to see Heather walk up the aisle in her beautiful gown. Like I mentioned in Felicia's farewell post I love, love weddings and they make me chocked up with joy! Last but certainly not least I am now living/working downtown at some apt. that Gabe & I manage, and this is our last week of training!!!! I really like it there but the young college students certainly do not help us out by having parties, screaming at the top of their lungs for no particular reason and drinking beer in the pool area when there are signs all over saying "NO ALCOHOL"Poor guys, I guess that's why they are still in school not being able to understand and apply simple rules!
Well... I am doing all of the above and still attending thee best church ever and dating the most wonderful, sweet, caring, loving, most handsomest guy in this world!!! I LOVE YOU BABE