The crazy and unpredictable life

Have you ever been so busy, but when you sit back and think what it is in your life that makes it that way, you find nothing?! Well that's how I feel I have been. These last couple months have been somewhat of a daze, juggling work, sleep, church and of course the love of my life! Gabe and I split up about two months ago (my brother/roommate :) and I have been renting a room at Juan & Crystal's, but it's time for me to move on with the new arrival and all! I'm not sure where I will end up in a couple months, but I will leave that info for another post when I have it figured out! I have kinda given up on the blog/website updates for a while here, but this is a post to let everyone know I AM BACK! I will not abandon my cyber friends again ;) My next update will most likely be after Lilliana is born, with adorable pictures and coos about my new little niece! Oh and one last thing, if you have not figured out by my previous postings I am now trying to start taking professional photo shoots. I still have a lot to learn on my long journey in the photography world but for now I am doing my best. I started a new site K.Farias Photos with all my photo sessions, be sure to visit me there periodically; and I am going to leave you with this very special invitation I did for Lilliana's baby shower...

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