I have not abandoned you...

Don't know if anyone comes by my blog anymore, I rarely do myself but if so here are a couple updates... The most exciting thing going on in my life right now is my awesome camera and new lens I got for it. I am hopefully going to be job shadowing Denise Neufeld on a couple shoots so I can learn from the best, super excited about that! I don't really want to call myself a photographer because I have not gone to school or anything for photography, but I don't think I will get many customers by saying I am a 'good picture taker' lol so it is still up in the air what I am to be called. If you haven't visited me at my new 'good picture taking' website please do, I think I found a happy middle with calling it K.Farias Photo!
On another note, can you believe we are already in March of 2010?! I am kinda excited that life is moving so fast but kind of anxious to see if I move with it or if life will just leave me behind in the dust. No, I refuse to be left behind! So far this year Lilliana was born Feb. 16th, Ariana turned 5 yrs old Feb. 17th, and Alex turned 12 March 2nd. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Alex Gontiz is now officially a Truth Church Youthy!!! And speaking of Truth Church, God is moving in Chico, CA I believe it. We might not be able to see everything clearly right now but soon and very soon... We have been having awesome services and I believe that everyone is on the right track now, including myself. I honestly can't wait to see prayers start being answered and new souls being saved! InnerG Youth is on fire for the things of God and I think that's where it can begin!!!
So I am looking forward to mine & Jeffrey's 4 yr anniversary in three months ♥ my 21st B-Day and Jeffrey's 23rd B-Day. Omw he is getting old *sniff* Well I'm off to have dinner at my brother and sisnlaws house and visit with my new niece and Love!
Love, Peace and Happiness all... ya that was kinda tacky! Check back soon for much needed pictures

A shot I got while shadowing Denise Neufeld, See more at K.Farias Photo

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