"IM BACK" for real this time... Maybe!

Wow, I was looking at all my past blog and I must say, I was quite the "blogger" back then. Sowhats going on in my life lately? I am trying to sell things, find the right job, move to another city... the normal day to day stuff you know! I work at Suzanne's Cafe & Bakery now *agghh exciting and oh so fun* I love it there, the customers are so sweet, she has the place looking all adorable and I have the funniest coworkers. I couldn't ask for a better job especially getting used to being in a kitchen and learning to cook here and there from the best(Babe you better be thanking God of Abraham an Isaac) Seriously me and the kitchen can be a scary deal! Okay on another note my very handsome, very sweet, man is, very far away visiting his family in Canada! I am so excited that he got to go, but I miss him so much! They are expected to be back late this Tuesday night so I think I will survive!

I would tell you the rest of my plans, but I will tell you after they are all answered!

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Jennifer Connell said...

Hello Miss Kendrea! :) Long time no talk! Glad to hear you are doing well and liking your job! I like the pic at the top of your blog, cute. ;) Take care!