Saying "yes" to the dress

I decided to go look at bridal gowns a few months ago, figured it wouldn't hurt if I looked around and if I found one then great!
My Aunt and I decided to go to a small bridal boutique in town and we were not impressed at all with the dresses or the way everything was done. I had a very different idea of how "wedding dress shopping" was supposed to be I suppose. I mean this was a big moment in my life, a once in a lifetime deal. So I made an apt. at David's Bridal - needless to say I was very impressed with everything. They even had the huge wall to wall mirrors and pedestal to stand on while admiring the dress ;) Thank goodness my Aunt was with me, she knew what I liked and how I reacted when I wasn't to fond of the dress. No matter how many times my consultant praised it she saved me by insisting to try on something different! So after trying on several different dresses of shapes and materials I found "the dress" and was ready to say yes! My very wise Aunt said to pick a couple dresses and come back and decide after some time. My sister in law Crystal came along with us this time and I saved "the dress" for last. When I put it on again I knew for sure it was it! I stood up on the pedestal and admired it forever. Everyone agreed that was the one, it complimented me kindly and is so beautiful! My consultant put on a veil similar to what I wanted and I almost shed a tear! It was a very fun and unforgettable experience. I recieved my dress in February, and it is currently with my seamstress! Jeffrey has his suit that he looks sooo handsome in and I have my gorgeous dress. If all else fails we can still have a wedding!!!
Here is a sneak peak picture, I of course know that it cannot be seen by "Him" before the day but it is to beautiful to completely hide for 74 more days!!!

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