Where has the time gone.

I am having such a hard time getting a grip on life, and how fast it has been going lately. It seems like every time I sit down to play catch up I get to overwhelmed!
  I must say though; With everything that life has dealt in the last couple years, I am the happiest right now. It took me a while to learn not to dwell on things that are beyond my control. Knowing that I serve a God who is in control, puts my mind at ease.... Welcome back to my BLOG!!!

  I had the urge to update the good ole' blog and finally decided to act on it, so welcome all! This blog has gone from me being apart of my youth group/dating days, to the excitement leading up to getting engaged and my wedding...... and that's where I left off ;) I don't know if I can play catch up with what has been going on in the last couple years of my life, but I will try my hardest to get all up to date without boring you to sleep! right now though, I am going to end this post. Have to go back and see where I left off.

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