July 4th 1989

I am now boring ol' 19 years old! If you really think about it there are exciting numbers and boring numbers, for example when you turn 12 your in the youth group, when your 16, you get to drive and ♥date♥ (but in my case 17 was a wonderful number), when you turn 18 you graduate and so on... In between all those wonderful ages are boring ages and that is where I am at now!
My wonderful Aunt & Uncle had a lil B~Day Bash for me at their house and (as always with INRG involved) it was crazy fun! There are some pictures below of the crazy night...

<< The ones that would cooperate and gather for a picture!

Poor thing, I think she left without taking her medication. We had to watch her all night >>>

<<< One very good lesson was learned... Never give the Morton kidz chocolate cake

Lyz thought it was activity time at Twin Oaks and was applying foundation (also known as chocolate cake frosting) >>>

To see more pictures from that night click below

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Amyan said...

Kendrea...That pic of Megan just kills me!!!! ROFL for sure! But if you look at it for too long it starts looking scarry...hehehe