Growing Up

sadly to say this is not my lil place
Oh how I wish the ceiling was that high

As a lot of you may already know, I moved from my cozy home out on my own! Well not really on my own, I have moved in with my brother Gabe and that has been quite the experience!!! I really love living independently, but life is now showing me how hard it is at times. You know with bills and all! Gabe has been a really good roommate (even if I have to remind him four times to do something before he actually does it) But he is getting better, and I do hope to have him up and ready to date real soon!!! He has finally gotten used to having more than one set of silver wear and something other than a drum stole for furniture!!! It is taking a lot of time but it is getting to look like someone does live there! I am on a kick now of shopping and decorating the place, when I first moved in I had no idea what do in every room, I just kinda bought lil things and threw it wherever. I only had to decorate my room in the past and now I have four different rooms to do something in. It was kinda overwhelming at first, but now things are coming to me more and more. Ha ha, I bring something home and Gabe is like "now whats that for" but I am keeping in mind that I am living with a guy so not everything is pink and brown! I wanted to do the kitchen in bright colors, you know yellow, hot pink, lime green, etc. just so it would be easy to buy things for and Gabe was like "why those colors" I could tell he wasn't to pleased with idea, and I am still trying to figure out what to do in there! So I will keep you posted on what I decide to do, and if it is cute enough show the end results!


Anonymous said...

I lived with my younger brother before I got married and did our kitchen in brown and green.... its an idea!
-Olivia Hoback

Anonymous said...

What about black, white, and red? that's not too girly. Or you could go for the cafe look, that stuff is everywhere.

Rachel Roberts said...

Hi Kendrea,

I just found your blog through your webpage which I somehow found - not sure! Anyway, I think we met a long time ago back in the WCC days. I used to live in Canada and go to the same church as the Neufelds.

Anyway, I'll add you to my blog list as I'm sure I'll be checking back often now that I know it's here :o)


Kendrea said...

Okay I decided now, I am doing the kitchen in red and black!