Never too Early!

Okay, okay I know what everyone is going to say when they finish reading this.... "But Kendrea he hasn't even proposed yet" Well you know what, it's better to start planning everything now and being ready when he gets on one knee so I don't have to be stressed and go all Bridezilla on my Big Day. So yes as you may have guessed I am talking about making plans and getting everything for my wedding. I have looked around online and have found and bought a TON of stuff. Below is some stuff that I had in mind for the big day........

I wanted a long train ever since I could remember, and so I don't have to go and pick the prettiest people to be in my wedding I can have everyone! I will have a standing chart with your name on it, it will also tell you where you will stand and how I want you to hold my train.

When I found this I almost started crying, it's so beautiful and sweet. I want a life-sized replica of myself, What better way to let everyone know who's day it is right.

I really like the top she is wearing, maybe not in red though!

This is a very creative and pretty cake, Thinking about seeing if everyone can pitch in a box of Twinkies!

Wow, I don't know why but this dress really really stands out! You know what I realized, I can do this with any dress I pick!!!


Jennifer Connell said...

Hahaha girl!! You're so cracking me up! I love it!

Kevin Timothy Evans said...

But kendrea he hasn't even proposed yet!

Amyan said...

Too Too Funny!

Megan Dawnette said...

This scares me. Enough said!