"Slumber Party"

I don't know why they call it a 'Slumber Party' it should be called a Screaming, Eating, Loud, Arguing, Laughing all night Party! I had Jasmin, Aliyah, Jade, Faith, Trinity, & Ariana over for a 'SELAL Party' this past Friday night and it was a BLAST!!!
We made Salami with Cream Cheese Tacos :) Then we all ate pizza and had so much soda we almost exploded. I then did all the girls' hair and hung up a pink blanket as a backdrop and had an American Idol session. It was so funny, I video recorded the girls but then my memory card decided to break ;o/ I will try my hardest to get them up here though! We decided it was starting to get boring so after we cleaned everything up (I had to tell the girls to clean up at least ten times before we did something else, my house was such a disaster) We walked over to the neighborhood school and had soooo much fun playing on the jungle gym. Then the girls got so excited when the sprinklers came on, they had the bright idea of getting drenched then going down the already slick slide. Ariana, Jade & I didn't get wet so we had the bright idea of going down after the soaking wet girls. Let me tell you.... Soaking wet girl + dry slide + dry girl + wet slide = a very, very sore booty! I went down that slide after one of the girls in my dry clothes mind you. I went so fast I didn't have time to put my feet down to stop myself and slammed so hard on the stupid ground it hurt so bad I almost started crying. I layed there forever saying how bad it hurt. lol The girls kept saying "Kendrea get up, are you okay" haha it was not at all funny then but I can look back and laugh so hard, all I can say is thank God is was dark. Ariana said later "see Nina I told you it hurt" poor girl I didn't believe her! Anyways after our adventures at the park we trudged our way back home and I made all the girls get in the shower. I told them that if they didn't they would have to sleep on the porch so they decided water wasn't that bad! I tried to convince them to all go to sleep when they got out but that was a pointless suggestion, Ariana was the only one that fell asleep. So as the girls SELALed it up I cleaned up the flood in my bathroom, my poor bathroom. I don't remember what all we did but I do remember finally falling asleep at a non decent hour and waking up at seven to see that allllll the soda and food was gone. I don't even want to know what went on while I was asleep. I then woke up all the grouchy girls and made them get dress, brush teeth and fold up blankets. I really think girls are way harder to handle then boys! But all in all we had such a blast I love having SEALAL Party's and hope to do it soon.
Like I said my memory card broke after American Idol so I didn't get very many pic the ones I did get were on my phone, be sure to check in later for videos!


Amyan said...

LOL I know you remember the SEALAL parties we had at my house when you were (around) their age and I was (around) your age...lol AND THE TAPE WE MADE! That was CRAZY!
I'm glad you girls had fun and I can't wait to see the vids.

Megan Neufeld said...

You're very brave