13 days until Christmas.

It really is unbelievably crazy how fast time is going by. I remember always being told this would happen as you got older, but never believed it. Just sitting here thinking about it already being the middle of December and another year almost complete makes me have some mixed emotions. So I suppose I should just roll with the punches because if it's going this fast now.... and I'm only 21..... okay, not going to think about it!
On another note, Christmas is only 13 days away and I have not bought one single present. I can't believe I let myself be a slacker this year. I did put my tree up as soon as Gabe let me and started listening to festive music in Oct, but underneath the tree is a sad sight. I hope to get that taken care of soon.

** Lilli's new favorite thing to do is listen to the singers at church in grandpas lap!

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Jennifer Connell said...

I've been a slacker too! Haven't bought a single gift yet! lol Cute picture...keep in touch! Leave me a comment sometime!