Kissing Balls

I have been keeping myself out of trouble and busy with little projects that I will soon blog about! Whoever knew I had such a talented and creative bunch of sister n laws?! I mention that I want something that looks somewhat like this in my wedding, with a few thingys on it, but not to much, and about so big and.... VOILA Crystal has made it, and a whole lot better than I described to her! I think I have decided to have the petals on the aisle runner pre-cereamony, don't get me wrong little girls throwing petals down is to cute but they get clumped up and sparse as they rush to the front! So I decided to make it easy and just have them walk down with their cuteness shining! My future sis.n.law Megan suggested I have girls walk down with what is called a Pomander Ball some also call them Kissing balls (what I will be calling mine) I have seen several of these adorable balls throughout cyberspace, but with the BM's holding them and that didn't strike my fancy much; But little adorable girls with adorable Kissing Balls!!! How perfect... Well what do I do? Of course spread the word to Crystal and she tells me to meet her at Joanns so she can get started. How awesome is that?! She sent me a picture of a completed one and I fell in love! Can't wait for you all to see these beauties!

The adorable Kissing Balls similar to what my girls will be walking down with!

I just finished making my boxes that I will use to ask the girls to be my BM's, I just love how they turned out. For the longest time I have always thought I wanted to so something special to ask them to be apart of my big day with me. I ran across a blog of a bride saying how she did it so I of course borrowed her to cute idea and hope the girls will love it! I will blog about that some time soon... Bye bye for now♥